Adıgepse, a semi-academic, scientific, cultural, and intellectual magazine to be published under the umbrella of the Adıge Gupsıse Gup established within the Şimali Kafkas Association, is being launched. The scope of the magazine is determined as the Circassians to contribute to the literature for the continuation of values known and practiced in Circassian culture, the revival of forgotten values and knowledge, and thus the preservation of Circassian culture.

It is requested that the published articles focus on conducting a situational analysis covering the past, present, and future of Circassians, identifying problem areas, and making suggestions for solutions. With a multilingual structure, Adıgepse aims to be the voice of the Circassian people scattered around the world and expects the support of everyone who has a say in Circassian affairs as both writers and readers.

With regards,

Adıgepse Magazine Editorial Board

Magazine Identity


Starting Year: 2024

Topic: Circassians

Owner: Abdurrahman Katı on behalf of the Şimali Kafkas Association

Editor: Alaattin Bayram

Printing Frequency: Biannually


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